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Community Services Area Manager

Community Services, Cornwall Care House,, County Wide, Cornwall, United Kingdom Req #246
03 June 2021

Job Title: Community Services Manager

Locality covering: West Cornwall 

Salary: £28,000-£30,000 per annum 

Hours: 39 hours per week 

Closing Date: Thursday 17th June    

Please note all posts are subject to DBS clearance.

Job Purpose: 

To ensure the safe and effective provision of homecare within area.

To lead the area in developing the service and maintaining quality.

To maintain relationships with existing clients, and build new client connections.

Ensuring quality standards are continually adhered to in the area, meeting regulatory standards.

Carry out people management of colleagues in the area.

Ultimate responsibility for ensuring the area team meets all its given financial targets, working under the guidance of the Head of Community Services.

Main duties and responsibilities:

To ensure the safety and quality of the service via audit and reporting in line with regulatory body requirements.

To liaise with external bodies including Adult Social Care (ASC) & Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group (KCCG) to ensure efficient and effect review for our client care.

Carry out and support Care Co-Ordinators to complete person centred and efficient Initial Assessment of client’s needs.

Support Care Co-Ordinators to ensure the effective care planning and risk assessment of client’s care needs ensuring these are person centred and take into account the multidisciplinary needs of client

Ensure that clients care needs are reviewed regularly and are reflective of their current need to provide quality care and evidence for fee reviews.

Ensure completion of client visits and telephone monitoring feedback calls and action any constructive feedback.

Provide weekly assurance reports to the Clinical Quality & Development Manager to include incident report management.

Ensure safeguarding concerns are reported and managed liaising with ASC and CQC. Support and coach colleagues to understand the elements and importance of safeguarding.

Complete Safeguarding referrals and manage the process in line with regulatory and organisational guidance.

Maintain and develop Multidisciplinary relationships within your area e.g. GP’s, CPN’s, District Nurses, Social workers.

Be responsive to complaints and manage these in line with company policies and procedures.

Monitor the Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) system to ensure care is delivered in a prompt and timely manner and auditing cares notes daily to ensure quality service.

Ensure the safety of your service by implementing and managing the On Call roster to provide 24/7 support to carers and clients in your area.

Be responsible for Infection control management, PPE ordering and delivery to carers.

Ensure the risk register is read and understood by all colleagues and any changes are actively communicated to the Head of Community Services.

Ensure a business continuity plan for the area to maintain the service during adverse events.

To ensure Risk Assessments are in place for colleagues in line with people management.

Provide clear and flowing communications on organisational change, procedures and policies to both colleagues and client’s in your area with regular colleague and client meetings,

Ensure safer recruitment practices are followed working with the recruitment team to establish workforce capacity including conducting interviews.

Conduct Supervisions and Appraisals for all member of your team ensuring talent management, performance management and personal development for workforce growth.

Carry out observations on carer practice in line with supervisions to ensure carer competencies.

Team people management - Managing annual leave and associated approvals, sickness and absence management, supporting planners with rostering and rostering management (Care Manager) and following company policies on use of the HR portal (Dayforce).

Ensure training compliance is monitored, inputted onto Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) and colleagues are supported to book onto training as required. Feedback to the Learning and Development department regarding the area’s training needs and requirements.

Ensure that colleagues new to the service receive effective induction and probationary period.

Where appropriate participate in disciplinary situations as determined by appropriate Cornwall Care policy and procedure referring to the Head of Community Services and HR.

Contribute and support ideas for growth in your area working with the community services Planners, Business Development Manager and Head of Transformation.

Establish links with the care and nursing homes in your area within Cornwall Care to maximise organisational resources,

Establish connections with the community in your area and encourage engagement connections, for example referrals to Age UK, local day centres, community groups.

Keep a record of compliments and actively ensure these are displayed via relevant medias to promote the service.

Work with the finance team to ensure the area remains within budgets reporting to the Head of Community Services to maintain financial monitoring with support from the Business Development Manager.

With the marketing team to promote your service within the area and ensure management of stocks of relevant marketing medias.

Establish and maintain KPI’s for the team as agreed with the Head of Community Care.


To carry out other duties reasonably required to ensure the successful operation of the service. Noting the requirement for the provision of a 7-day service across the organisation.

Maintain confidentiality at all times and in line with the organisations Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Take part in an annual performance appraisal, where the job description will be reviewed, and objectives set.

Ensure that all clients and colleagues are treated at all times in an equitable manner, respecting diversity and showing an understanding of diversity in the workplace.

Work within Cornwall Care policies and procedures to respond to complaints and investigate any concerns about service delivery or quality of service.

Identify and report hazards relevant to the health and safety of clients and colleagues and follow Cornwall Care’s reporting process.

Maintain a clean and risk free environment at all times.

Follow Cornwall Care’s risk assessment process when considering new processes and procedures.

You are responsible to ensure that your professional practice and your work is within and kept up-to-date with the principles laid out in The Health and Safety at Work guidance, Care Quality Commission regulatory guidance and Equality Act 2010 regulations. 

You will be required to undertake statutory and mandatory training and development. The Company provides opportunities for all employees to continually develop their professional practice; along with regular supervision time to maintain their person centred, empathic and non-judgemental approach to the person in their care.  

As part of the whole Cornwall Care Team you may be asked to provide support and care in other parts of our service provision, you do need to be ready and flexible to provide such support should the need arise. 

It is important that all staff understand their accountability for individual risks and how they can enable continuous improvement through effective risk management. You need to be aware that risk awareness and risk management are a key part of Cornwall Care’s culture. All staff are required to actively identify, assess, report and contribute to the management of risk; to promote and adhere to safe working practices and to ensure that they provide a service where quality and safety is paramount by following all procedural documents relevant to their role, such as policies and procedures and risk assessments requirements.

You will be required to work with software packages relevant to your role, this may include electronic care planning, employment emails, online training forums, online communication platforms, HR systems, finance systems. This list is not exhaustive. You will be required to complete our cyber security training

Specifically to this role access to our Care Manager, Dayforce and Xledger system(s) will be granted, any non-compliance or breaches in terms of usage of the data contained within our systems will result in disciplinary action. 

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  • Community Services, Cornwall Care House,, County Wide, Cornwall, United Kingdom